Can I use my name right away?

You can use your name (for a web site, email, etc.) only after the TLD goes "live" according to the ICANN schedule. When that happens depends on the TLD. Please refer to other more detailed answers in this FAQ.

How do I know when the TLD I want is live?

With over 1500 new top-level domains scheduled to be released through 2015, it’s hard to keep track. On the Minds + Machines registrar each TLD is labeled as Available, Landrush, or Coming Soon. If the name is available, you can buy it and use it right away. If it’s in Landrush, you can apply for it, and if at the end of the Landrush you’re the only one who applied for it, you’ll get it; but if there’s more than one you may need to go into an auction to win it (the administrators of the TLD will contact you separately if this happens). The Coming Soon status means simply that the TLD hasn’t launched yet – we’ll update that status when we learn additional information about the TLD’s launch plans.

What are all these phases? What do they mean?

Most TLDs (but not all) divide their launches into three phases: Sunrise (a special priority period for trademarks); Landrush (when applications are accepted during a window, and duplicate applications are decided by auction); and General Availability, which is the normal, first-come, first-served method.

What happens if a domain I pre-buy goes to auction?

If you pre-buy a domain during the Landrush period, and another customer has pre-bought the same domain, the domain will go to auction. In this case, the TLD administrators will contact you and invite you to an auction. If you choose not to participate in the auction, your pre-buy will be cancelled and your funds will be refunded. If you choose to participate in the auction and lose, your fees will be refunded, minus any auction fees.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

If you register a domain name, you are making a commitment. Refunds are generally not available. There are exceptions, however. Please contact customer service if you think you are entitled to a refund.

What are all these "premium names"?

Premium names are valuable names that cost more than regular names.

What if I made a priority reservation?

If you made a priority reservation under our old system for .horse, .cooking, .casa, .ceo, or .best, we will honor these reservations. If you have additional questions, please contact customer service using the contact form.